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 Industry-Leading Products
Installed and Serviced by Professional Plumbers

WaterGroup is one of North America's leading manufacturers & distributors of water conditioning products. WaterGroup products are sold exclusively through plumbing professionals across the United States and Canada.

Our Certified Key Dealer Plumbers are professionally trained to install and service Novo water conditioning products.

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 Learn about your water

Hydrological Cycle

Learn how the water you use and drink every day can collect impurities that can affect your family and home.

Source to Tap

Find out about how water is treated before it arrives at your house and how water conditioning benefits you.

Types of Water

A simple explanation of the difference between drinking water and working water, and why it matters.

Water Testing

How do you know what water solution is right for you?



 Why invest in soft water?

Soft water is good for your home and family, and your business and customers. A modest investment in a water conditioner for your home or business can offer you years of worry-free enjoyment.


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 Bottled water quality, from your tap

For just pennies per litre, you can skip the cost and waste of bottled water while enjoying the same quality water right from your tap.


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 Say Goodbye to Problem Water

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Common Problems

Iron, turbidity, acidity, bad taste & odor are common water problems for rural homeowners and cottage owners. Find out the effect they can have on you and your home or business.

Problem Water Solutions

We have a system for every water problem. Check out our complete line of whole house filters and softener/filter combination systems.




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Start enjoying high quality water in your home or business.

Novo water conditioning products are available through certified professional plumbers across the United States and Canada. We offer a range of industry-leading, high efficiency water conditioning products to help you solve your water problems.

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