Drinking Water Systems

WaterGroup products are available through certified Key Dealers® across the United States and Canada. 


Aqua Flo® H.E.R.O.™ 
(High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis)

The H.E.R.O. wastes virtually no water with over 99.9% recovery. Purified water is collected in the storage tank. Rather than sending the remaining rinse water to drain, it is recycled back where it will be used throughout the house.

Comparable systems typically waste 4-12 gallons for every gallon of R.O. water produced.

Aqua Flo QCRO QCUF.jpg

Aqua Flo Platinum
Quick Change Reverse Osmosis (QCRO) and Quick Change Ultra Filtration (QCUF) Systems

The Aqua Flo Platinum QCRO and QCUF Systems can be configured to meet your specific requirements. There are ten interchangeable filters with a variety of treatment options that can be tailored to local water conditions, so your water is the best it can be. The innovative QC twist and lock design makes service simple. Aqua Flo Platinum HP systems make drinking water better and life easier. 

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Aqua Flo Platinum 1240 Series

Aqua Flo Platinum 1240’s advanced reverse osmosis drinking water systems are a natural and economical solution for providing your family with high quality drinking water. With a space-saving ultra slim profile, the system tucks neatly under your kitchen sink providing bottled water quality right from your very own tap.

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Aqua Flo 475 Series

Fast, Simple & Sanitary Maintenance! Quick connect disposable cartridges and membrane make for easy ‘Do-It-Yourself’ maintenance. With built in auto water shut-offs there is no need to turn off the water supply prior to maintenance. Because traditional systems require the disinfection of the permanent housing canisters and involve more direct human contact, maintenance can take as much as an hour and if not done properly can result in a contaminated system.

Aqua Flo Under Sink Filtration System.jpg

Aqua Flo Under Sink Filtration System

The 475 Quick Change Filter Series offers triple, double & single stage options to provide solutions for a variety of water problems including sediment, rust, bad taste & odor.


1. Three Stage Ultra Filtration
2. Dual Stage Sediment / Taste & Odor
3. Single Stage Sediment
4. Single Stage Coconut Carbon Block
5. Single Stage Granular Activated Carbon

Economy RO.jpg

Aqua Flo Economy Reverse Osmosis System

With the quality of our drinking water increasingly coming under question, people are now looking for alternative sources of quality water. Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems provide the most convenient and economical solution. Neatly stored under the counter, the Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System provides you with clean and delicious water right from its own dedicated tap.

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Residential Reverse Osmosis Membranes

Aqua Flo residential reverse osmosis membranes provide reliable, consistent high quality performance at the lowest possible cost.